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Factory Alarm Bypass Module. A must for installing a Remote Starter on vehicles equipped with GM Resistor Based Factory Security Systems. Complete with all wiring and instructions. Used for bypass of GM VATS, PassLock1, PassLock2 and PassKey factory security systems.
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This thread does not intent to advice the practice of bypassing the VATS for the sake of bypassing, but does This applies to any and all GM cars with Passkey II - VATS you may see the dreaded: " CAR MAY NOT RESTART " message, the...
Passkey III, Passlock I & II and VATS data bypass kit via class 2 databus (J1850) Automatically enables the heated-mirrors, heated-seats and rear-defrost if engine core temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius This is for any GM vehicle with a Passlock, PASSkey,or Vats antitheft security systems. 1) A light saying SECURITY or ANTITHEFT is illuminated solid It will have to be fully bypassed or a new TDM installed. This system does not relearn or reteach the ignition like the Passlock and Passkey systems...
That is not the answer I got for resetting passlock on a 2003, it is turn key to just on one click, wait 10 minutes, than back off position for 5-10 seconds, than repeat for 3 times. That is one answer I got that didn't work for me, another is turn key wait until security light goes solid or off which mine is not on, than do the procedure above ... GM PASSLOCK BYPASS MODULE GM PASSLOCK 1 AND 2 BYPASS MODULE Retail Price $69.99 Our Discount Price $49.95 Satisfaction Guarantee 30 day returns on this item Mar 30, 2014 · I have a 1998 Chevy truck with the Vortec 5.7 I guess it's anti-theft system is the Passlock or Passkey that will kill the engine 1 second after starting unless you do the re-learn procedure. (Key on for 15 minutes, off, key on for 15 minutes, etc) I want to get rid of this. The VATS bypass is easy as it can be. . . A GM Passlock is even more difficult. my other key reads 3.7 so i should be right on the number 10. i guess i'll try using that key since it's closer to the 3.74k and if the security light goes off great, if not...
Gm Passkey Passlock Vats Bypass. Chevy Silverado Tahoe Suburban Truck Van Cranks No Start Passlock Anti Theft Vats Module Testing.Up next. GM Pass Key II Malfunctions: Bypassing V.A.T.S System. How to troubleshoot/bypass a GM VATS Passlock Passkey System. ScannerDanner. How to Find KEY resistance in GM PASSKEY Chip for KEY REPLACEMENT VATS PASSKEY BYPASS.
GM just bypassed the key recognition circuit and eliminated the “Security” light from the panel. So if you’re eliminating a Passkey system, a diagram of the TDM or BCM connector will show where to jumper the key recognition circuit. This is Passlock, has the sensor in the ignition Not the Chip in the Key itself (VATS) FROM MY Research it has to be Bypassed by Module, and or resister, some how. I have found on the Net, a company (NewRockies) makes a Pro Module that Bypasses GM'S Anti-Theft system totally (For Good) including VATS. Thanks Auggie
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